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New Outrigger Racing Initiative

Published on April 14 by Jonathan Hutcheson

There is a new initiative to get paddlers from the club and elsewhere interested in racing outrigger. The club along with Helen Chan, Denys Dufresne, Caroline Galipeau,, Nick Sulik, Cristian Terek have been working hard this winter to create a new racing program with the short term goal of preparing Montreal paddlers to race outrigger races this summer, whether in OC-1, OC-2 or OC-6. The long term goal is to get club paddlers on the outrigger sprint national team, long distance national team, and even race long distance races off the continent, like the Molokai or the Queen Lili’uokalani Canoe Race in Hawaii.

The training and racing schedule WILL NOT conflict with the dragonboat racing schedule.

The plan is to prepare for and attend 2-3 races in Montreal and Toronto area. A race preparation plan, including access to boats as needed, coaching and a budget have been created to help achieve the goal of getting an outrigger team training consistently through the summer. 

You are invited to attend the presentation of this new plan on Monday April 25th from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM in the Multipurpose room at Canal Fitness

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